About us

Without a good knowledge of property, you can never gain profit from your deal. Thus, to achieve your target as a property investor, owner or buyer, you are now at the right site. We have set up Real Estate Dir with an aim of offering you property management and brokerage services. Our skills and knowledge on the relevant industry enable us to deliver the highly reliable real estate services. Our focus is always on the value, quality and the ultimate results.

What we offer our clients-

We’ve a good record of establishing long-term relationship with sellers, buyers, investors, condo associations and landlords. We offer brokerage services for the property buyers. At the same time, we manage lots of properties and help you in finding the value of the chosen property. Our services are customized for all types of properties. Our free consultation  for a deal is also helpful to our clients.

At Real Estate Dir, we think that for selling or buying real estate, collaboration and join effort are always essential. Our real estate agents and brokers offer the best services to make your journey smoother from the beginning to the end. You may be a seller or buyer. However, we assist you in getting connected with the mortgage lenders and property inspectors.


To use our available networks and database and provide you with the unparalleled solutions for selling and buying real estate

To present you with a variety of buying and selling options


To establish our company name in the real estate world and show you our high caliber in every deal

Brokerage solutions from our team

Our comprehensive real estate brokerage services include

  • Consultation for the new buyers
  • Professional guide for closings, inspections and various other aspects of property buying procedure
  • Safe and confidential management of our clients’ data
  • Fastest and customized service for real estate by different agents

Our co-operation with the sellers-

We also work with the property sellers, and we know that the decision on selling house is related to various factors. We help you in applying the proven marketing tactics that enable you in getting the highest price from the deal. Our skilled agents make sure that you are informed of each step we take. You will realize the professionalism and ethicality in our service.

We have set up an elite team, comprising lots of sales professionals to assess how the real estate ownership, acquisition or disposition results in success to financial portfolio of our clients.

Apart from brokers and agents, we have also employed the property managers to work with the condo associations and investors. Our management services include 24 hours maintenance and regular communications. We also keep up the relationship with your tenants and help you to make the amendments at the right time.

Give a call to us to know more about our team.